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For your best performance

  • My Strength and Conditioning services are made for dedicated athletes who aim high and want to achieve the best possible results and performance in their sport.

  • Strength and Conditioning will increase your strength, speed, body control, mobility, and explosive power - whatever specific physical demand your sport needs. Strength and Conditioning also has a excellent effect of reducing possible injuries.

  • My Strength and Conditioning services also pay attention on recovery, nutrition, blood work, and all the other factors which support the athletic lifestyle.

  • You can also start Strength and Conditioning coaching, if you are currently injured. I have rehabilitated several athletes (i.e. knee injuries and muscle tears) extremely fast back to competing by combining strength and conditioning exercises with well-established rehabilitation techniques.

"Levi has been a great help in developing my strength, mobility and my mental capacity as an athlete. When training with Levi, I’ve overcome myself and realized even better how even the small things matter in athletes life. With Levi we have also focused on my nutrition, and with his guidance I got rid of my long-term gut problems. Levi is a coach who really puts time and effort for his athletes and has a skill to dig into the last bouts of strength in every exercise."

Jessica Reiman, Crossfit & Coach

Back in the days some athletes and coaches were told to avoid strength and conditioning. Misperception was, that strength training would reduce your athletic performance. Even you might of heard some of this misinformation going around the industry, such as weights would make you slow, or that you would only just need to practice your sport to be the best at it.

Luckily, today all this misinformation has been repealed with a strong scientific prove. In today's world everyone at the top understands the meaning and the place for strength and conditioning.

"What is absolutely the biggest thing your sport requires? The up most essential requirement for you to perform in your sport?


You need to be able to move. All sports around the world require movement.


So let me put this clear: as an athlete you have two options. Your first option is to be able to move strong, powerfully with speed and dynamically to the degree of performance which your sport needs. The other option is to move slowly, frail and in return a low performance.


With all my knowledge and experience I'm confident to say that the first option is essential for any sport. And that is the reason why strength and conditioning is essential for sports."

- Levi Earl

Strength and Conditioning is essential for any athlete, who wants to improve their performance and reduce their risk of an injury. Strength and conditioning makes you strong, fast and powerful, it improves your stamina, endurance, mobility and vitality. When strength and conditioning is done correctly, it gives you absolutely everything you need your physical performance to be at it's best - and that is what being a top level athlete is all about.

My strength and conditioning services are specifically designed to maximize an athlete’s overall performance. In coaching, I focus on the athletes personal needs as well as the individual goals of each sport has. Athletic coaching is based on strength and conditioning training, as well as fast rehabilitation and therapy if needed.

If you identify yourself with the following, you may want to consider Strength and Conditioning alongside your sport training

  • You have never invested in strength training for your sport or haven’t trained with a program made by a professional addressing your weaknesses and possible imbalances in your body.

  • You may already be doing strength training on your own, but you have not achieved much results or noticed progress.

  • You feel that you have not yet achieved the best possible performance on your sport.

  • You have been suffering from injuries, and it affects negatively on your training and career, or you have been in an injury or illness spiral.

  • You feel overwhelmed and do not recover properly.

  • You simply feel like you need more strength, speed and power to become a better athlete.

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​Here is some of the results I've accomplished with my athletes and teams

  • Overall team injury reduction up to 87% compared to the previous season

  • Doubling the team point average score per game

  • Athlete suffering from multiple injuries rehabilitated within a few weeks to be able to compete and practice the rest of the season injury free

  • Breaking an athlete's own record with tremendous improvement

  • Five world records broken in one year

  • Promotion from amateur to professional

  • Athlete coming directly from healing an injury to win the championship in their series

  • Clear improvement for the entire team in terms of fitness, speed, speedendurance and power levels

  • A player on the way to surgery was rehabilitated without the surgery within weeks to compete. The same athlete also won the player statistics for the most goals in proportion to matches in the year.

By investing in your strength and conditioning, you can improve your performance in any sport.


With strength and conditioning you can radically reduce injuries, and prevent muscle injuries almost completely. Strength and conditioning can support for example athletic strength, endurance, speed, responsiveness, effort, explosive power, oxygen uptake, mobility and movement control, muscle balance, as well as many other factors that influence performance, from rest and recovery to mental preparation and control during competitions.

Exercises and coaching methods are always designed with the athlete's personal needs and the demands of the sport in mind.

My coaching protocols are based on scientifically proven knowledge, yet also on my years of coaching experience and the methods that have in practice produced the best results with my athletes.


I follow the latest high-quality research in the industry and I'm constantly exploring the wisdom of the various trainers, experts and professionals in the field. My knowledge in strength and conditioning has been gathered around the world among the best coaches, such as Charles Poliquin, who used to be my mentor before his sudden death.

Strength and Conditioning can be implemented as individual coaching for an athlete or for a

whole team.


Strength and Conditioning is not only for professional athletes, in my opinion it should be integrated at an early stage of youth development - especially if the youth athlete is looking to make it far in the sport. In competitive sports, the workout hours and the strain can be so heavy that it is very important to look after their recovery too - which is another important part of the performance; if you don't recover, you can't perform.


Another aspect affecting athlete performance is nutrition. As surprising as it might sound, I've seen extremely poor diets even with professional athletes. Optimizing diet and blood work has shown time after time huge improvements performance, including challenges caused by the training season and competitions. 


My Strength and Conditioning services are holistic and considers athletes individual factors ranging from the sport to age to biological age and other human factors which may be apparent. I've seen, and I've been proving over and over again with my athletes - with World Championships, Olympians and World Record Holders - how much more an athlete can achieve, when all these factors of performance are in their place.


So if you are looking to find a Strength and Conditioning coach, who can support you in every aspect of performance, please feel free to contact me.

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