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What My Clients Say

"Training with Levi is really tough and it requires a tough temperament and a burning desire to become a versatile and better athlete. Strength and conditioning with Levi has brought incredible progress on my athletic career, and big changes to my body. Levi also has a lot of knowledge how to prevent and rehab various injuries. Levi has also gave me a lot of help with my nutrition. In the past, I had difficulties with my weight cuts for the competition, but with Levi's guidance, even a big weight loss seemed to go easy. Levi also has a good sense of recognizing when a professional athlete needs to rest and recover. I highly recommend his services for any athlete who wants to get further in their career."

Elvira Karppinen

BJJ Black belt,

ADCC & NOGI European Champion

"After Charles Poliquin passed away I chose to trust my strength and conditioning in Levi's hands. Levi is an excellent coach who really knows how to improve someone's performance at the top level. We've been successfully making progress with my speed, strength and fitness, whilst also increasing my lean muscle mass. Levi has been also analyzing my health via blood work and hormones, and has been able to improve this to the best levels which I've seen in many years. I look forward to working with Levi on the road to Tokyo 2020 Olympics!"

Heiki Nabi

Greco Roman Wrestling,

Olympic Medalist

"This previous year Levi has pushed me through some harder workouts, and helped me with my back and shoulder, which I’ve had problems throughout my athletic career in fitness. Levi has also been working on optimizing my bloodwork and hormones to help me to perform at my best as an athlete. Levi is a great coach with incredible amounts of knowledge – and he is always willing to help and support whenever it’s needed. If you are an athlete who is looking to find a coach who is dedicated for you and for your success in your sport, I highly recommend Levi!"

Evelina Tistelgren

IFBB Women's Fitness,
World Champion

“I've never taken success as granted. Success - it's hard work with many challenges, mistakes and obstacles on the way. But what I believe is, that all these challenges are just a proof of you not giving up, proof of you trying. And because you did not give up, you overcome these challenges - sooner or later. And by overcoming the challenges, you learn - every time. And the person who can combine learning with that hard work, always trying and never giving up, can gain mastery and success for anything in this world. That's what I believe in.

Levi Earl

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