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My name is Levi. 

I'm known for as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nutrition Medicine Practitioner. and Rehabilitation Specialist. I'm originally from England, but I've been living and working in Finland since 2011.

I'm a husband, and a father of three little children. I've dedicated my life to my family, my work and to living a healthy, athletic lifestyle.  


I arrived to Finland by following my football career. I've competed in three different countries for playing football, and Finland was my last destination. Unfortunately my career came to a quick sudden end due to injuries.
At this turning point, strength and conditioning became my new passion and have devoted my life to becoming an elite coach. My goal is to help athletes achieve their goals they desire - injury-free and in the best possible performance levels they can reach in their career.
My studies and experience has given me insight into how to prevent and prepare athletes, speed of recovery and the psychology component in training and winning.

I consistently travel the world to invest in my education seeking out and meeting experts over multiple disciplines to get the cutting edge information. My current education is in strength and conditioning, hormone and body fat assessment, nutrition, soft tissue and fascia therapy, supplementation and bridging the gap between therapy and performance. I believe my persistent search for knowledge and hunger for my athletes to win has greatly affected the consistency of successful results.



Averett University USA

o First AID and safety

o Prevention of athletic injuries and illnesses

o Human anatomy and physiology

o Kinesiology

o Athletic Trainer


Fitness Academy of Finland

o International Personal Trainer

o Nutrition Coach


Poliquin International Certification Education for Strength and Conditioning Level 1

Charles Poliquin Seminar for Hypertrophy Training and Modern Trends in achieving Optimal Body Composition

Charles Poliquin and Dmitri Klokov Strength for Sports seminar

Charles Poliquin Certification as a Qualified BioPrint Practitioner

Poliquin International Certification Education for Strength and Conditioning Level 2

FMS Certified (Functional Movement Screening)

YPSI Soft Tissue Therapy with Dr Peter Lundgren and Wolfgang Unsold

YPSI B Licence Strength and Conditioning Coach

Kinetic Chain Enhancement Chinning & Pressing with Charles Poliquin

Kinetic Chain Enhancement Shoulders & Arms with Charles Poliquin

Kinetic Chain Enhancement Squat & Deadlift with Charles Poliquin

Sports & Rehab with Russian Powerlifting Professor Boris Sheiko

Essentials for Program Design with Charles Poliquin

Sport Specific Internship with Charles Poliquin

Functional Sports Nutrition Studies with Dr. Bob Rakowski

o Diagnostic tools

o Epigenetics

o Brain Health & Neurotransmitters

o Endocrine System

o Toxic Burden

o Optimal Health & Performance

3rd Annual Football Analytics & Performance Summit

o Tactical & Performance Analysis

o Usage of data for development

o Successful Strategies of analytics to improve performance

Jyväskylä University International Symposium for Exercise Physiology

ISI Symposium with Eoin Lacey, Dr Eric Serrano & Dr B Walsh

DUTCH Test Certified (Advanced Hormone Testing)

ICANS International College

o Nutritional Medicine Profiler

Strength Training for Wrestling, Judo, and Grappling Sports with Charles Poliquin

Gut Microbiome Nordic Labs

Advanced Performance Enhancement for MMA Athletes with Eoin Lacey

Science and Nutrtition​ for Fat loss

Private Internship with Eoin Lacey

Professional Diploma on Sports Nutrition


Hundreds of one-on-one clients

Finland - Veikkausliiga – Inter Turku FC Men’s team

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Achievement stats: Point average raised over double & Injuries reduced 86%

Finland - Veikkausliiga – PK35 Vantaa Men's team

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Achievement stats: Point average raised to double & Injuries reduced 83%

Shefki Kuqi Manager & Ex Premier league player

Football athletes on one-on-one coaching:

o Njazi Kuqi, Macoumbe Kandji, Xhevdet Gela, Samu Volotinen, Lucas Kauffmann, Kosta Manev, Chris Suta, Tanja Nousiainen

Ice hockey athletes on one-on-one coaching:

o Roope Niskanen, Rudolf Orio, Otso Rantakari, Matias Hänninen

Finland - Ice Hockey - Kiekko Espoo

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Finnish Youth Football talents:

o Kimmo Hovi, Benjamin Källmann, Matti Saari, Tiago Moura, Miro Schwalenstöcker

Women's National Roller Derby Team Finland Mia Savolainen

Figure Skater Oona Ounasvuori

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Athletes:

o Elvira Karppinen ADCC Worlds 3rd, NOGI Worlds Champ, ADCC European Champ, NOGI European Champ, Finnish Champ, Quintent Champ

o Lauri Karppinen BJJ Black Belt

o Matte Kasurinen

o Mika Taskinen Finnish Open Champion

MMA Athletes:

o Janika Antinmaa Finnish Champion

o Anette Österberg

o Jenna Horto

o Omran Chabaan

o Orash Schmid

o Juuso Karjalainen

Greco-Roman Wrestling Athletes:
o Estonian National Team Strength Coach

o Heiki Nabi (Olympics 2020)

o Epp Mae (Olympics 2020)

Freestlye Wrestling Athletes:

Jere Heino (Finland)

Finnish Kickboxing Champion Tommi Savolainen

Grip Strength Athlete Harri Tolonen

o 5 x World Record​

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Kiekko-Espoo Ice Hockey

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